Jøtul Outdoor Fireplaces

We are pleased to offer you this new series of outdoor fireplaces with a modern look including all the Jøtul features, which combines more than 165 experience in the fireplaces industry. Live the Hygge experience this summer with these wood-burning fireplaces that will steal the show in your backyard.

The line offers 4 different fireplaces: Terrazza, Terrazza XL, Loke and Frøya. The garden fireplace is made from Corten steel which produces a rustic, rusty surface after a short while. This also protects the steel, so that the fireplaces can stand out all year round.

In addition, all of these models have an optional firescreen and a bbq grill option is available for 3 of these fireplaces. In addition to warming up, you can also grill your food!

Jotul Terrazza-Montreal-district-bbq

Jøtul Terrazza

Hareide Design developed Jøtul Terrazza a patio fireplace that you’ll want to show off. It’s an outdoor wood stove that can compliment any stylish garden furniture and decorative landscaping without spoiling a gorgeous terrace or manicured lawn.

Jotul Terrazza-XL-montreal-district-bbq

Jøtul Terrazza XL

Jøtul Terrazza XL is a larger model that has a raised view of the fire. With a height of 1,60 m, it has a large opening with good access from the sides and raised access to the fire.

Jotul Loke-montreal-district-bbq

Jøtul LOKE

This outdoor fireplace creates a warm and cosy mood so that you can spend even longer evenings outside. It is designed both as a fireplace to provide atmosphere and warmth and to be used for grilling. There is also a base plate available, to protect the surface beneath the fireplace.

Jotul Frøya-montreal-district-bbq

Jøtul Frøya


The Jøtul Frøya is designed to withstand all types of weather all year long. It is designed to make your outdoor space even more inviting.
Its low flames creates an authentic camp fire feeling and there is plenty of space for a large fire. Definitely a design that contributes to defining your outdoor area.

A Jøtul gallery is planned in our showroom during the spring, you will be able to see these stunning fireplaces for yourselves.

Kamado Joe reinvent the Kettle Grill


So yes! Kamado Joe are launching a new product into their range. Something not ceramic! The Kettle Joe is a new state of the art Kettle Style BBQ, however in true Kamado Joe Style its not just a Kettle Grill. This product is coming out to whip out and stamp all over other Kettle Grills on the market. The Kettle Joe will be available very soon (expected for April) but you can already pre-order this new product with us.

Once you open your Kettle Joe you will find an adapted Ceramic Firebox like the larger Jo models to improve heat retention and durability of the grill, Stainless Steel BBQ Gates, the SloRoller that will help distribute heat more evenly than ceramic deflectors or heat shields with infusing more smoke flavor in your food resulting in consistent and tasty cooks, and the famous slide out ash draw for easy cleaning. The grill is also fitted with Metal Side-Shelves, Four-Legged Cart and a new Top Vent Kontrol Tower.

The Kettle Joe will also be compatible with the iKamand Temperature Control Fan to help set your grill on autopilot. This compatibility will allow you to have more free time rather than tending to the fire. Unlike a standard kettle barbecue, the Kettle Joe has a hinged lid which means you don’t have to remove the entire lid when tending to your food.

Come see the Kettle Joe in store this spring in our showroom


The latest Saber series will be launched soon. The Select series feature Saber technology that has revolutionized the world of BBQ. Their exclusive and patented cooking system generates infrared heat, this cooking system directs airflow away from the cooking surface, locking the food’s natural moisture, producing more juicy results. Flare-ups, mistakes like overcooking or charring a piece of meat will be a thing of the past!

The Select series is ideal for small outdoor spaces. Two models are available: the 3 burner model which has a total area of ​​575 sq. In. And the 4 burner model which has a cooking space of 720 sq. In.

With these new products, you will not be bored this summer!

Be the first to get these new products, come see us in the showroom, we will be happy to help you!

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