Unfortunately in Quebec we only have a few warm months during the year and even during the summer, the evenings can be cooler. Outdoor heating it’s the best solution to extend the beautiful season and to enjoy your backyard as long as possible.

In addition, the current trend is to create outdoor spaces for working, whether in your home or at the office. To have access to natural light and fresh air fulfill basic human needs and can have a significant effect on employee satisfaction and retention. Some experts already predicted at the end of last year that “the outdoor office trend is expected to dominate the commercial design conversation in 2020”. And they were right!

At District BBQ we want our customers to be able to enjoy their outdoor space year round and that is why we offer heating solutions to suit all tastes and budgets.

It is important to choose your outdoor heating wisely according to your needs, before purchasing, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want electric or gas?
  • What size is the space you want to heat up?
  • Is your outdoor area under cover or open?
  • Do you want a portable heater that you can move around, or would you prefer it to be fixed?
  • How many people on average will the outdoor heater need to keep warm?
  • Do you want to keep warm or simply create an atmosphere?

In this article we will highlight an Australian brand that has revolutionized the world of outdoor heating and which offers a beautiful range of radiant heaters: BROMIC.

But first of all, what is radiant heating?

In the case of heating outdoor areas, the surrounding air is constantly moving. Relying on convection heating is in most cases impractical, the reason being that, once you heat the outside air, it will blow away with air movement. Even in a no-wind condition, the buoyancy effects will carry away the hot air. Outdoor radiant heaters allow specific spaces within an outdoor area to be targeted, warming only the people and objects in their path because It does not heat the air, but the objects that are directly exposed to it.

The Smart-Heat range by Bromic

Available in two distinctive ranges – Platinum Smart-Heat™ gas and electric heaters, plus Tungsten Smart-Heat™ electric, gas and portable propane outdoor heaters – every Bromic product is designed and engineered in-house to ensure the highest quality and performance. They are then constructed from premium materials to create world-leading outdoor heaters that offer the perfect balance of performance, reliability and beauty.

Gas radiant heaters

Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Portable

Powerful yet easy to relocate.The award-winning Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable heater offers efficient heating in a stylish, modular and maneuverable design with a neutral black finish.

Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas

Ensuring a reliable start and effective operation even in winds of up to 15km/h, Bromic’s patented Direct Ignition System is unique to their Smart-Heat™ Gas outdoor heater series. Available in two sizes, the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas series incorporates full-function electronic controls that allow remote operation; patented screen and ionisation probe technology that provides remarkable wind resistance, plus easy pivot arm brackets for greater positioning versatility and directional heat control.

Platinum Smart-Heat Gas

Elegant design without compromises.The Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas heater series features a signature ceramic fascia that provides efficient and comforting even heat distribution across a large area. Available in two sizes with a wide array of ceiling and wall mounting options.

Electric radiant heaters

Platinum Smart-Heat Electric

The ultimate in seamless slim-line design. The award-winning Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric heater series is specifically suited to seamlessly blend into low-clearance and design-focused spaces. Available in black or white, with two sizes and a wide array of ceiling, wall and flush-mounting options.

Place these compact heaters virtually anywhere due to minimal vertical clearance requirements and a wide range of wall, ceiling and flush-mounting options. These series combines superb style with sensational heating without compromise delivering 25% more heat with a much smaller footprint than the best of our competitors.

Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric

High performance outdoor heaters which deliver a stylish industrial aesthetic with their robust chassis design, the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric series provides superior comfort – with the comfort of a lifetime element warranty. Featuring an extended body and heat reflector, the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric outdoor heater series puts out a wide wall of warmth which covers a vast footprint. Offering 4 models with heat outputs of up to 6kW, Bromic’s Tungsten electric units emit minimal light and provide a scalable solution wherever a bespoke heating system is required.

New in 2021: Eclipse model

Dim the lights and turn up the heat with our Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric heater. Available in six unique mounting options, the Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat series adds style, warmth and light to design-focused outdoor spaces.

The new electric outdoor heater series includes wall, ceiling and freestanding options, each equipped with Bromic’s advanced Smart-Heat technology, which ensures that radiant heat is distributed evenly over areas up to 144 square feet per unit. of heating. With its elegant ceramic front and dimmable light track, the Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat range strikes the perfect balance between ambiance, style and functionality.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to get these wonderful devices that will keep you warm year round.

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