Big Green Egg – The original Kamado BBQ

Big Green Egg is now the largest international producer and distributor of high quality Kamado type ceramic firing ystems. From the original Egg, the company has grown and now includes in its range seven sizes which they distribute worldwide, in more than fifty countries, with hundreds of accessories designed to make cooking on a Fun, entertaining and delicious egg! Often copied but never equaled – the Big Green Egg is the ultimate dining experience! The original charcoal kamado bbq!

big green egg mini-max ULTIMATE KIT

The Big Green Egg MiniMax is surprising. It’s small but it’s no less powerful! The MiniMax is the latest member of the Big Green Egg family and the most compact model in the line. You can use it to cook for a group of 4 to 6 people. With its 50 cm height, the MiniMax can be perfectly placed on the table while allowing you to concoct your most sophisticated dishes.

Camping, boat, tailgates, picnics in the park, the size of the mini-max is perfect, with its solid carrying handles you can take it anywhere.

Big green egg medium ORIGINAL

The advantages of the larger EGGs are that even in a smaller space, the cooking area can accommodate a full diameter smoking board.

This makes it possible to cook for 2-4 people mid-week or up to 6-8 people with a roast leg of lamb on the weekend, while still being versatile enough to cook pizzas and, of course, to cook low&slow!

It makes a very good addition to a gas grill.

Big green egg large ULTIMATE KIT

The large format is by far the most popular of all Eggs. Comparable to the Kamado Classic, it offers a good balance between the cooking surface and the amount of charcoal necessary for 2 to 8 people.

Big green egg x-large ULTIMATE KIT

For large families or amateurs who think big, the X-large format is an excellent choice. This impressive EGG is used by those who want the best for their outdoor kitchens.

Recommended for those who entertain more than 10-12 people regularly. This EGG easily caters for large family gatherings or commercial catering, with the whopping firebox you can achieve low & slow cooks of up to 24 hours or alternatively, cook several items at once.

Big green egg xx-large ULTIMATE KIT

Simply H-U-G-E! Whether for catering, commercial or events, the XX-large format has its usefulness. You can cook an entire pig on this unit, with a cooking surface of 672 in2 / 4336 cm2. Don’t doubt that your cooking project is feasible on this egg; it can handle it!


This handmade table is beautiful. It is made from solid acacia wood planks that have retained the veins and shades that nature has given it. This is why each table is unique. Its location for the BBQ being off-center, it offers a large work surface.

Want to move the table with the included BBQ? No problem. This table is equipped with sturdy casters. You will have no difficulty moving it to the place of your choice.

big green egg’s accessoires

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