Delta Heat – Unrivaled cooking surface

Delta Heat has a nice line of products for outdoor kitchens with three different device sizes, available with or without infrared capture burner, 20 ” outdoor fridge, side burners and a wide range of access doors and cabinets.
Manufactured by the renowned Twin Eagles, Delta Heat built-in BBQs retain the advantages of the advanced Twin Eagles cooking system, but on slightly more refined models in terms of options, which reduces the cost. Delta heat is one of our favorite.

BBQ delta heat built-in 26″

The smallest of the Delta Heat built-in BBQs, this grill can easily accommodate a full meal for 2 to 6 people. On the other hand, it is possible that its surface limits you for certain recipes or if you have a lot of guests. Perfect for small spaces, it can just as easily be used as a second grill in an elaborate kitchen.

32 “BUILT-IN Delta heat BBQ

The 32 ” BBQ is the most popular format in the Delta Heat collection for outdoor kitchens. Often used in small to medium format islands, it can be reduced in size if we take the version with infrared capture burner.

BBQ delta heat 38 “BUILT-IN

The Delta Heat BBQ perfect for choosing the version with infrared heat burner while keeping a larger traditional cooking surface. You will be impressed by the heat produced and the efficiency of the entire cooking surface, thanks to the system inherited from Twin Eagles.


New in 2023. Coming soon.


New in 2023. Coming soon.

20 “delta heat outdoor fridge

One of the few outdoor refrigerators with a width of 20 ”, it is very suitable for tight spaces without wanting to reduce as low as 15 ” for the fridge.

delta heat outdoor kitchen

Want to build an Outdoor Kitchen with Delta Heat Grills?

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