Kamado Joe – The magic of fire

Kamado Joe produces BBQ’s with an all ceramic casing. It will allow you to cook, sear and even smoke your meat, all on the same unit. Kamado Joe is known for constantly striving to innovate and make their Kamado the best on the market.

Virtually maintenance free, with a lifetime warranty, Kamado Joe’s charcoal grills are guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience. Come and ask our chef or our specialists on how to cook your favorite recipe, and become an expert yourself!

classique joe II

The 18″ Kamado Joe Classic II features a thick-walled, heat-resistant shell that traps smoke and moisture at any temperature. The counterbalanced Air Lift Hinge makes it easy to open and close the dome, and the ultra-precise Kontrol Tower top chimney is weatherproof. The large cooking surface inside, meanwhile, is made of commercial-grade 304 stainless steel. Other great features include the Divide & Conquer® flexible cooking system, Advanced Multi-Panel FireBox system, cast iron rolling cart and patented sliding ash drawer for easy cleaning.



The Classic models are what Kamado Joe is known for. Always evolving, they are full of innovations. The III series offers, in addition to all the features of the 2nd generation, a cart with shelf, aluminum shelves, the patented “SloRoller” system, a 3rd level grill, and a stainless steel charcoal basket. So you have the best of Kamado Joe’s engineering and innovation.

big joe II

Sharing the same uncompromising design and features as the Classic II, the Big Joe 24″ offers even more cooking surface making it the most versatile kamado. It’s perfect for large families or entertaining crowds.


big joe III

– Sturdy aluminum cart with high resistance paint
“Powder coat, casters and brakes

– Two ceramic half-moon heat deflectors
– Multifunctional cooking support in stainless steel

– Galvanized steel fasteners with high resistance “Powder coat” paint
Powder coat” high resistance paint

– Large thermometer with cooking guide
– Cooking grid clamp
– Large polyethylene handle
– Charcoal basket
– Patented Cyclone cooking and smoking system

joe junior

The unique kamado cooking experience can now be transported with the innovative Joe Jr. from Kamado Joe. Perfect for tailgates, picnics, pool parties, camping and more, Joe Jr. weighs only 68 pounds and has a 148.5-inch cooking surface. The thick-walled ceramic body locks in heat, moisture and retains flavor. The heat deflector allows cooks to experiment with indirect heat for more flexible cooking.


Kettle Joe

Once you open your Kettle Joe, you’ll find a ceramic bowl for better heat retention and durability, stainless steel grates, the hyperbolic SloRoller ring that allows for slow smoking of food and goes up to 550°F and the famous sliding ash drawer for easy cleanup. The grill also features folding metal side shelves, a four-legged cart and a new Kontrol Tower. This new appliance will certainly set aside all other Kettle appliances.

Pellet Joe

Kamado Joe, the category leader in ceramic kamado grills, has redefined cooking with pellets in a high-quality ceramic grill. Now you can enjoy all the heat retention and energy efficiency benefits of a kamado grill, with the convenience of wood pellets. This new grill launched in 2020 is designed to the highest quality standards and offers unparalleled flavor and tender foods.


konnected Joe (coming soon)

Discover a new era of ceramic grilling with the Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker. With the Konnected Joe, starting a fire is easy. Simply press the Automatic Fire Switch (AFS) to light your charcoal, set your desired cooking temperature using the Digital Kontrol Board™ or the Kamado Joe App and let the Kontrol Fan™ do the rest. With multiple cooking functions, the Konnected Joe lets you enjoy Kamado grilling and smoking your way. The automatic cooking mode offers full digital control, or try the Classic mode, for a traditional Kamado experience.

Stay tuned for its release date.


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