Ooni provides what you need to make delicious pizzas at home

Ooni was launched in 2013 as the very first portable and affordable wood burning oven. The origins of the invention date back to 2011. It was when Kristian Tapaninaho, founder of the brand originally called Uuni, decided to design his portable pizza oven which until then had not been found on the market.

The Ooni range of ovens has now become incredibly popular all over the world. It continues to reap positive reviews, awards and press coverage in the media and to acquire an ever-growing loyal global clientele.


Ooni Koda

Right out of the box, the super compact Ooni Koda will be ready to go in seconds. Simply lower the foldable legs, insert the stone hob and plug in the gas. Featuring instant gas ignition, the Ooni Koda is ready to cook in 15 minutes and can reach temperatures up to 932°F (500°C). Use the heat adjustment knob to cook pizza in just 60 seconds, also cook your fish, vegetables and steaks. Available in 12 or 16 inches.

Ooni Fyra

Ooni Fyra is the proud successor to Ooni 3, the world’s first portable pizza oven powered by wood pellets. Years of learning have gone into making this pellet pizza oven so great. Ooni Fyra is perfect for making pizza anywhere, thanks to its lightweight design (only 22 lbs or 10 kg).


Ooni Karu

Fueled by wood or charcoal, Ooni Karu can whip up authentic wood-fired, stone-baked pizza in any outdoor space in just 60 seconds. Ooni Karu is also gas compatible – just order an Ooni gas burner accessory.


In order to keep your reception space, District BBQ suggests you choose an Ooni table. Two sizes are available:

(W23” x D31” x H35”) Standard

(W31” x D31” x H35”) Large

The tables are made of sturdy, powder-coated carbon steel. They also feature two height adjustable shelves and built-in hooks for your Ooni peels and accessories. In addition, the two lockable casters will keep your table stable while you cook.


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