The SABER heritage: Quality, Value and Innovation

SABER gas grills revolutionize the way of BBQ. The closed grates accumulate all the heat produced in order to reach a very high temperature, and this quickly. The system prevents flashbacks, which makes it very easy to use.

In addition, if gas consumption and the environment are important to you, take note that BBQ Sabers have won the GREEN AWARD of the Vesta industry awards, reducing gas consumption from 30% to 80%. An economy that is reflected as much on your wallet as on the planet!

Saber Elite sse serie

The grills of the SABER Elite series are made with more stainless steel and include more features than the rest of the SABER range. Elite barbecues have LED button lighting, a removable stainless steel tray for easy food handling, and a stainless steel condiment basket inside the cart. Each Elite grill includes a rod and a roaster kit.

Saber Stainless steel series

Like all models of SABER grills, this model is also made with top quality materials, is equipped with a high performance infrared cooking system and offers unrivaled performance. In addition, their design is ideal for small outdoor areas and meals for four to ten people.

Saber Cast-stainless steel series

These full-size grills are excellent value for money. This series has features that make cooking easier and help enhance the taste of your food while using cast aluminum to reduce costs.

Saber Cast Black series

The SABER Cast Black series is fitted with an ignition system with electrodes on each burner, temperature gauges at the grate level and a robust design trolley. This series has a black porcelain cover with die-cast aluminum end caps. These grills allow you to acquire SABER technology at the lowest price.

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