Even if we have more rain than snow this year and that Christmas time will be different than what we are used to have, the festive season has now officially begun. We decided to give you a little help finding the best grill to give to a BBQ lover (or you in the case you want to spoil yourself, it’s ok too you know!)

Basic rules consists to not overspend and not buy a unit that’s more complicated than the person wants to deal with. Consider the number of days they’re likely to use their grill and consider their cook’s skill level and style. But enough chatting, let’s dive into our top fiery grilling gift ideas for the BBQ enthusiasts.

For the Pizza Lovers

Ooni Pro – starting from 849$


Phenomenal large pizzas (up to 16 inches wide), roasted joints of meat, seared fish or vegetables or even fresh bread. Flame-cook epic roasted meals outdoors with wood, charcoal or gas. Whatever you’re cooking, achieve the exceptional with Ooni Pro. As you can see this little gem is very versatile, you can cook with wood and/or charcoal, and convert to gas using the Gas Burner. The interior temperature of Ooni ovens can reach up to 500°C, which means you can bake a Neapolitan pizza to perfection in just 60 seconds! Because it’s always pizza day!

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For The Rookie

Napoleon Rogue XT series – starting from 799$

If you (or the person who will get a BBQ) starts in the wonderful world of backyard grilling, you want him/her to start with the best BBQ to enhance their skills. Something easy to use but with high-standards of quality. The entry-level models in this category fits well in a condo balcony or small spaces. With the Rogue Series everyone is happy, like the steering wheel of a car, the smooth grip and robust shape enhances the grilling experience. The iconic WAVE™ grids provide even heat transfer, a great sear and are reversible to keep juices close to the meat. The temperature Gauge with Smoke and Sear Range accurately reads the temperature of the grill for optimal temperature control when BBQing. Finally, the Instant JETFIRE™ Ignition, this innovative and easy to use ignition system shoots a jet of flame to light each gas burner individually for quick start-ups.

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For the 4-season cook

Big Green Egg Large Original – starting from 1 899$

The Big Green Egg® is a grill, a smoker and an oven made from space-age ceramics and fueled by natural lump charcoal. The thick ceramic walls make it fuel efficient, extremely durable for cooking in any kind of weather and cooler to the touch than metal grills, making it safer from burns. Imagine all the flavour of a charcoal barbecue but being ready to cook in 12 minutes. Imagine lighting it in the rain, or the snow for that matter, and walking back inside leaving it to do it’s impressive thing. Imagine having over 80 hours worth of cooking with one bag of charcoal? For all those reasons Big Green Egg is loved by Michelin chefs, food aficionados and BBQ heads across the globe.

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For the last minute rushed

Saber Cast Black series – starting from 1 349$

He is always on a hurry and needs a BBQ to that will not let him down and it’s able to cook delicious food? SABER gas grills are made for you. The closed grates accumulate all the heat produced in order to reach a very high temperature, and this quickly. You can put a whole chicken in to roast, walk away from it, prepare your salads and not worry about it charring and burning is awesome. Enjoy consistent grilling results from SABER’s patented cooking technology that ensures even heat at every temperature while eliminating flare-ups, which makes it very easy to use.

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For the Art Lover

OFYR Classic starting from 3 995$

OFYR is a functional piece of artwork. It is a sculpture, both brazier and plancha, intended to bring warmth and conviviality within your outdoor space. More functional and aesthetic than a classic barbecue, OFYR offers a unique design, which lends itself to all environments, from the garden to the terrace of a beautiful restaurant. OFYR can be left outdoors and uncovered in all weather ­conditions. Its three-part modular design makes OFYR easy to move around. OFYR is simple to clean and requires virtually no maintenance. Elegant and sophisticated, the OFYR Classic asserts itself boldly in any outdoor setting.

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For the Show Off

Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 – starting from 4 499$

Napoleon’s Prestige PRO™ 825 Natural Gas Grill with a Power Side Burner and Infrared Rear and Bottom Burners proves that two heads are better than one. On the outside, a shining stainless steel body provides durability against the elements while chrome details add luxury. The LED Spectrum NIGHT LIGHT™ Control Knobs have near limitless color options making night-time entertaining a breeze; they also glow red when the gas is left on as a safety feature. You’ll know it’s a Napoleon with the iconic WAVE™ cooking grids for those distinctive sear marks. The main grill head is big enough to grill for a crowd and provides loads of gas powered cooking, including turning your grill into a smoker with the integrated smoker tube and dedicated burner. The second head features two ceramic infrared burners that reach high heat in seconds, ideal for searing restaurant quality steaks.

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For the Food Strategist

Classic Joe – starting from 1 599$

Kamado Joe knows how to please their community, having more than 80 000 followers on Instagram they listen to their customers and are always improving their product. If you are a BBQ aficionado (or not) you have already heard about this infamous brand. Here is why we think you should give (or have) a Kamado Joe to a food strategist who first analyses the full picture, taking into account every variable from every angle – the weather, location square footage, number of guests, carnivorous versus herbivorous split, etc…

Their patented Divide & Conquer® Flexible Cooking System transforms the humble grill grate into the most powerful cooking tool in your arsenal. The revolutionary multi-level, half-rack design frees you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures—all at the same time. You’ll end up with a perfect, well-rounded meal without ever leaving the grill.

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For the Gadget Lover

Twin Eagles Pellet – starting from 10 116$

We all know someone that has the last gadget or it’s always on for something new and embraces technology. The Twin Eagles Pellet is the perfect BBQ for this person. Besides the premium quality of the Twin Eagles grills, the wood fired pellet grill combines the ultimate in performance and convenience, setting the standard for premium pellet grills. Bake, Grill, Sear & Rotisserie Cooking features deliver amazing results at the push of a button.

  • Large, sleek, weatherproof touch screen control allows you to manually set temperatures from 140º to 725º or choose one of several preprogrammed food items with multiple levels of doneness – Select and cook.
  • Monitor and manage temperatures from your mobile device (Apple and Android applications with real-time updates).
  • 3 Temperature Probes – Monitor the temperature of multiple food items simultaneously. Food temperatures can be monitored on the grills control panel or remotely with the Wi-Fi enabled App.

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For the Have-it-All

Twin Eagles Eagle One – starting from 12 258$


What to offer to someone who has everything, you know this person you always struggle finding the right gift and you end giving him/her a Mont Blanc pen. Now is your chance (if you have the budget) or if you feel that you are becoming this expert BBQ chef at your home to get THE EAGLE ONE SUPER PREMIUM GRILL. Twin Eagles offers you several unique features that together deliver unparalleled performance.

  • Ambient Illumination – A continuous layer of indigo blue light is cast down over the entire control panel. This elegant detail accentuates the beauty of the premium stainless steel.
  • TempTrack™ illumination – A graduated series of LED’s indicates the average temperature from the burners to give you an overall grill temperature. You will know when your grill is ready to sear or cool enough to apply the cover after use.
  • Concealed Heavy- Duty Rotisserie System – Features a fully integrated motor with 100 pounds turning capacity. A unique chain-driven design provides consistent and uniform rotation of the rotisserie rod and two rotisserie rod positions to keep foods the proper distance from the burner.
  • Black Glass Infrared Rotisserie Burner – This sleek and concealed burner reaches higher temperatures and offers more variance from high to low. The glass enables the heat moving through it to be dispersed at a wider range, making it ideal for larger food items.

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That concludes our list. From budget to luxury, there’s a grill suitable for pretty much every user and all budgets but don’t forget that each person has their own style and cooking skills and it needs to be considered when you purchase a grill to your loved one. At District BBQ, we have the knowledge and the expertise to help you choose the right BBQ. Come visit us, we have some models ready-to-go.


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